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CDi3 Board Assembly Pictures
Keller Transmitter Assembly
Keller Transmitter Assembly
RF Work
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Solenoid Assembly Pictures
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CDi3.P7 Board Assembly Pictures
CDi3.P7 Board Assembly
  • All air is vacuum-evacuated from both the battery and board compartments while the potting compound sets. Once the wiring is finished and tucked-in neatly, the entire assembly is potted the same way.
  • Since no air or very little air remains, the assembly is rendered incompressible.
Bottom of welded PVC case
Top of case with wires attached
Bottom with batteries wired
Box with bottom piece inserted
Batteries potted
Some wiring done
Board inserted and wired
Sides potted. Yes, that is play-doh...
More boards
Finished potted board
Potted side detail
Finished board inserted into box
External connections finished/tested
Silicone around the rim
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