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Pictures of LF, Low Frequency, Experiments
  • Inspiration for attempting ground-based communications at the bottom of lake Erie came from many sources, but it was mainly John Taylor's website that did most of the convincing. Sadly, John Taylor is no longer with us, but his work survives, most of the pertinent info is in this file.
  • LF reception and transmission experiments had started earlier than 2002 in places like the Nanticoke vault, Port Maitland vault and other places, copper ground rods everywhere, even at home, eventually earned me a reception acknowledgement from american radio amateur John (W1TAG) on April 16, 2004.
  • The work had "morphed" by mid-2005, they wouldn't give me boat time for transmission tests from lake bottom, but I did get some boat time to look for buried pipeline in the sand, and look I did, but I was really doing transmission tests... so the 700 foot dipole was built at lake bottom, and the test transmission did take place, and the sawtooth wave was received 80Km away, on an untuned antenna, in the middle of an urban area, and that was really scary, so I shut this baby down... the pictures tell the story.
  • And so, it was someone else that got the Honda electric generator in 2005... but who did?

The NTRM, "Nothing To Repair Man", November 17th, 2017

Lake-bottom transmission distance record!!!!
Automated reception in Dain City on an untuned antenna (piece of wire). The transmitter was on the KJ feeding a 700-foot dipole at lake-bottom around 89G, some 80 Kms away (see above). The red ticks at the bottom are a minute apart, so the transmission event pictured here lasted about 20 minutes. The faint horizontal lines are Loran harmonics, we normally use these to calibrate reception equipment to accuracies of a tenth of a Hertz (Loran frequencies are very accurate).
Morpeth - hooked up to the plant cathodic protection rectifier - December 2002.
Morpeth vault. Connecting to the pipelines - April 2002.
Measuring antenna impedance around Long Point close to 89G - April 2005. MFJ impedance bridge sits on top of the 500Watt amplifier. Visible on the top right are the two leads of the 700 foot ground antenna.
Installation time for the 700 foot ground dipole - April 2005. The far ends of the dipole had to be grounded. Visible on lower left several 4 foot sections of copper pipe were bolted together to act as ground rods.
Active (amplified) reception loop submersible version - May 2005. Looking for buried pipelines... This was actually slowly dragged at the bottom
The loop on the boat - April 2005.
LF transmitter front - February 2005. The Hafler amplifier was purchased new, everything else made the hard way.
LF Transmitter innards - February 2005. Coils and torroids at the top, Hafler P400 amplifier in the middle, BIG 1000W test load resistor at left-bottom, PDL programmable frequency generator right-bottom.
Modified PDL board to act as computer-controlled frequency generator - February 2005.This is the unit at the bottom of the transmitter case in the previous picture.
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